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If you want to feel like a real Spaniard, go for lunch at tortileriyu Flash Flash. Place specializes in Spanish Omelette. Tortilla - it's not a turtle from Pinocchio, and potato omelette, onions and endless imagination of local maestro chef. This is one of the most traditional and complex to prepare Spanish dishes. In Flash Flash menu more 50 types of omelettes with different ingredients, but still very tasty salads and great burgers.

Tortileriya Flash Flash opened in Barcelona 44 years ago, when the architect and photographer Alfonso Mila Leopoldo hybrids - two old friends and loyal fans Meal (with capital letters) - decided to open a place, where you can eat all day long, no matter what the siesta. And what about the tortillas - all questions to hybrids, for him it is like a second religion. Spanish omelette in Flash Flash menu infinite number: vegetables, fish, seafood, meat and various sauces. We recommend to try tortilla with homemade sausage "butifarroy," black truffle or cod. If you want to try out several types at once, order the tortilla pie of several omelets. There is even a sweet tortilla - with fruit, coffee syrup and caramel.

Of course, besides all sorts of variations on the theme of Spanish omelettes in Flash Flash, there are other dishes. Be sure to try the local burgers. Long before the famous Kiosko and Pim Pam here we began to make real American burgers prescription and technology, that his wife Mila herself brought from New York. Burgers are served with French fries or mashed potatoes. Besides, there are delicious salads, soups and one of the best cheesecakes in town.

Design is engaged in space, naturally, creators, and on the walls - pictures photoshoot wife Leopoldo hybrids in the image of the photographer with camera and huge flash (hence the name of the place). Flash Flash is located in the exclusive area of ​​Sant Gervasi above the street Diagonal, so there is always quiet, calm and pleasant public. The average bill per person about 20 €.

Average check: €€€
Address: Carrer de la Granada del Penedes, 25
Metro station: Diagonal или станция поездов Gràcia FGC
Working hours: The restaurant is open every day from 13: 00 to 01:30

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Sant Gervasi

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