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Courtyard of the old Holy Cross Hospital - a real oasis of peace and quiet a few steps away from bustling Rambla tourists. The building of a hospital is a prime example gothic architecture, it was built in the XV century to bring together under one roof six urban hospitals and has served its intended purpose 500 years until 1930 of the year. Exactly at 1926 We were brought fallen under the wheels of a tram Gaudí, that here and later died 3 the day after the accident.

When at the end 19 century, it became clear, that of the Holy Cross Hospital, the former for six centuries, the only hospital in Barcelona, It is not enough for the needs of the city grew, it was decided to build a new facility, which was the modernist Hospital Sant Pau. Now the walls of the former hospital placed the National Library of Catalonia and several faculties of education.

Sam courtyard with orange trees and a charming arched vaults. If you bought at the nearby market vkusnyashek Bokeria, then this place is ideal for enjoying a peak-to-nick. In addition there is a café Jardi, where you can go for a coffee or a glass of wine. Unfortunately, courtyard in the center of Barcelona, where even in the heat and coolness of the shade, It has become a haven in Barcelona marginalized and vagrants, who smoke weed, drink and do not allow to fully enjoy the beauty of this place.

Hospital of the Holy Cross (1401-1585) - Pati Gòtic A La Manera D'un Claustre
Address: Street Hospital, 56
Metro station: Liceu

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