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Statue of a giant cat on La Rambla Raval has long been a symbol of the area and his favorite pet. Chubby handsome mustachioed weighing two tons went to Barcelona 1987 in upper Raval. Its author - the world-famous Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero, whose work is always characterized by full-bodied. The sculpture is made of bronze in the typical style of Botero - fleshy hips, heavy legs, but the cat is not deprived of the grace, despite its size, he looks very streamlined. true, not notice it, «Kradushtegosya» by Rambla del Raval, It would be difficult.

After, as the City Hall of Barcelona bought "Cat Botero", the long time could not settle down in the Catalan capital and moved from place to place as many as four times. In our 2004 , he finally found a refuge in the middle of a lush district of Raval and change the "registration", judging by his decisive mind, no longer intends to.
Also, like a bull on Wall Street, some parts of the cat's body are particularly popular among tourists. By this they are pushing locals, who persistently hounded bikes, what, if you do not rub the cat's personal belongings, then you will never go back to Barcelona. "Would you like to visit us again? Then go and rub! ", - say seriously barselontsy. And roar with laughter, when unsuspecting tourists are running to perform a "sine qua non" to return.

Address: Rambla del Raval, s/n
Metro station: Liceu

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