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It is a special place in the list of interesting shops Barcelona takes perfume boutique Les Topettes in Raval. Where you can find exclusive brands of perfumes from around the world with limited edition. Unexpected combinations of tantalizing aromas, designer bottles, and even the original cosmetics and touching concern for each client.

Main Visitors Les Topettes - refined youth, which pays special attention to its image, choosing the exclusivity and originality of the. More "mundane" customers come here for a variety of high quality beauty products, not represented in the mass market. In addition to a vast selection of the most unusual flavors at Les Topettes shelves you can find all kinds of cream, soap, candles and other means for the body and soul. Of the names here Artisan parfumeur, Claus Porto, Cowshed, Etat libre d'orange and other.

shop owners - a young couple, and Lucia Oriole - except for its unique collection is especially proud of a caring approach to each client. Visitors are made to pamper and many, Newbie here once, Les Topettes become regular buyers.

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Address: Joaquin Costa, 33
Metro station: Universitat
Working hours: The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11: 00 to 14: 00 and 16: 00 to 21:00, Monday is only in the second half of the day

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