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Restaurant "Bacoa" at Universidad Square - a kind of father the best burgers in Barcelona. At least, the famous "Kiosko" and "Little Bacoa" departed from him. This network is known for its fresh produce and meat of the highest quality without freezing. Burgers are grilled seasonal vegetables brought from farms to the Catalan region, and the potatoes are cut by hand. All sauces "Bacoa" home, even the usual ketchup and mayonnaise are prepared in the kitchen and impress your taste.

"Bacoa" is famous for its huge portions - perfect for the hungry after school students, not for nothing that the place is located near the old university. After long walks in the center of Barcelona here is also good drop, Catalunya just three minutes. Recommend San Jacobo burger try the Iberian korejkoj, Hammon and cheese manchego of special Japanese-loaves. There are special burgers for vegetarians and vegans. And for dessert, if you have room after mega burger, ice cream.

2014 04 16
Average check: €€
Address: Ronda University, 31
Metro station: Universitat, Catalunya
Working hours: It works with every day 13: 00 to o'clock in the morning

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Plaza Catalunya

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