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Catalans people unique, they build a tower of people, hit a log before Christmas, Girl Sardanas, dream of independence, and in the intervals between these important things eat sheaves kalsots. Many people believe, that along with the Priorat wines, Cocoa figures and Gaudí is one of the best expressions of Catalan culture.

The last Sunday of January in the town of Valls, an hour's drive from Barcelona, It will be an annual onion feast - Calçotada Popular de Valls, where in the morning will come hundreds of fans of gastronomic delights. It is the birthplace of Waltz kalsots, here are grown over a hundred years and is very proud of the quality and taste of its products.

Kalsots increases from November to April, so tourists, usually coming to Barcelona in the summer, there is no opportunity to try this delicacy, which is sure to serve with sauce romesko, made from almond, tomatoes, garlic and other secret ingredients.

Sam onions roasted over an open fire on the wood of the vine for a special flavor. Topically on the neck need to tie a bib, not to dirty clothes sauce. As you know, It is a cult, traditions are carefully guarded and cherished.

On kalsotade Waltz in addition to tons of onions and gallons romesko expected a lot of wine, roasted meat, typical in Catalonia folkloric performances, dance, music and even a competition for eating kalsots. by the way, winner of the prize receives proportional to its weight, the number of liters of wine. We recommend arriving early, Festival starts at 10 in the morning and lasts until three o'clock in the afternoon.

More can be read about kalsots HERE.

Location: Valls, Tarragona

Fiesta De Valls Calçotada 8

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