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Ready to jump over the fire, and have fun till you drop to the hottest night in Barcelona? Sant Joan - is the local version of the pagan festival of Ivan Kupala, When is the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year.

If you limp nervous system, better to stay at home, because San Joan decided to blow up a huge amount of firecrackers and fireworks. very noisy, mad and drunken night of the year. On Monday 24 June output, so all carouse until the morning, and no brakes. Metro will operate round the clock and deliver the houses far from the most sober and tourists barselontsev.

The main place to celebrate it, of course, Barcelona beaches. All chiringito work that night until morning, all music and parties. Especially cool is this year Mokaï Beachbar, where children from Checkpoint defiant promise techno. Another two bars on the beaches, which it is planned to electronic music, This Via Moana Beach Club and La Carmelina. All activities are absolutely free. Dance to the great music on the sand by the sea, what could be better?

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Chiringuito - the best beach cafes in Barcelona
Average check: €€
Working hours: From April to November every day from 9 in the morning until two in the morning

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