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Today in Barcelona celebrate the Kings Mages "Día de los Reyes Magos". Kings - a Biblical Magi, who appear on the night of the 5th of January 6th, and represent the three races known in the era of Christ. Balthazar - an honorable old man with a long white beard, Melchor, decorated with red hair and a young black Gaspar.

Every Spaniard has his childhood favorite King, although the letter with a list of desired gifts and write all three pre-handed Pajou royal, who is waiting for the children in the square or in the big toy stores.

Fifth of January, eve of the cities and large villages of Spain are magnificent celebratory procession, which can reach a length of several kilometers. Ahead of the parade going kids with drums behind them, huge carriages, traveling with adult children, followed by a brass band. The last in this procession coach with three Magi Kings. They generously handed out sweets and toys for their children running. One thing remains the same in all places of celebrating the Day of the Three Kings - a childish joy, fun and waiting for the gifts, because they are in Spain - it's like in Russia, Santa Moroz.Imenno Kings bring Christmas gifts to children. But if the child's behavior in this year was bad, instead of gifts traditionally handed them pieces of coal.

Traditional food in this festival is the cake "ROSKON". It is baked in different sizes, sometimes very large. This round of yeast cake, decorated with marzipan. In ROSKON baked small figure and fasolinka, the one who gets the piece with the figure, select the king for a day, and the one who fasolinka pays ROSKON.

Procession of the Magi Kings, will be held today in Barcelona 18-00 to 20-45. Route of Kings in this year will be held from the train station Estació de França across the avenue Via Laietana, Plaça Catalunya and the Sepulveda street to the Plaza de España. It is very bright show, a kind of a winter carnival, which will especially enjoy the youngest. Sixth of January in Barcelona regular holiday.

Three Kings in Valencia

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