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Christmas in Barcelona - the most important family holiday of the year. To him are beginning to prepare in advance. In these dates all give each other gifts, which are beginning to carefully choose a couple of months before the holidays. On the day after Christmas on 26 December in Catalonia, too, output, is the day of St. Esteban. In the evening of the 24th and in the afternoon of the 26th all family members gather at home for the holiday table, which is rich in traditional celebrations for these dishes. Baked turkey, cooked soup eskudelyu, cannelloni stuffed with meat and buy a variety of delicious sweets for dessert. Many people go on a diet after Christmas to reset dialed kilograms, is nothing strange in this, because an endless series of lunches and dinners with family, friends and co-workers give the body a lot of extra calories.

Barcelona in December transformed by dipping their residents in a fantastic atmosphere. Around light holiday lights in the winding alleys of the Gothic Quarter, this coverage is very nice, the atmosphere is very romantic, all captivated by the spirit of Christmas, the holiday has a fountain. From the pockets of money, too, beat fountains, as an excellent opportunity to spend Christmas. Shopping streets like the Moscow roads during rush hour, only instead of cars people with bags in their hands. In all shops there are mountains of Christmas products. This is primarily sweets, nougat all conceivable types, marzipan, candies, as well as favorite Catalan sparkling wine, an alternative to champagne, Cava.

Christmas Fair Fira de Santa Llucia existed for over 200 years, it is held on the square near the Duomo sobora.Na fair installed tents with national souvenirs, such as cocoa man "Caganer" or cocoa log "Caga Tío".

Learn more about these unusual souvenir:

A good Christmas tradition of decorating your home Kaka figurines originated in the XVIII century. At first, "Kagan" portrayed in a typical Catalan peasant clothes. Over time, in such an unfavorable light began to depict famous people: politicians, athletes and even royals. Today, the general sale can be found, "Kagan" King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia, Crown Prince Felipe and his wife Leticia. No persecution of the image crowned heads in such an indecent kind in respect of manufacturers and sellers of figurines had been taken. And no wonder, after all, "Kagan" make them closer to the people, even the blood they have, say, the blue, but nothing human is alien to them.

It is believed that a handful of feces symbolizes a soil fertilizer to ensure a good harvest for the coming year. So, if you think about it, it is a symbol of fertility, and in a broader perception - prosperity and good luck in all affairs. Therefore there is nothing strange in the fact that the presence of at least one "Kagan" among the Christmas decorations in each of the Catalan family just always - the practicality of this nation is known to all.

It is believed that if any real character served as a prototype for the Catalan "Kagan", this makes him the honor and the means of its popularity. Firms that produce and distribute the figures, warn those not familiar with this tradition that we are talking about a person popular acclaim, rather than an attempt to ridicule or insult him.

А что же такое бревно кататио? Классический «кагатио» представляет собой полено, которое, если бросить его в очаг, дает тепло дому. This source of benefits was a kind of evolution, which eventually became the subject unexpectedly, which can handle the need, brings gifts to children. It is covered with a blanket before Christmas. That it was pleased with something children, it must be sure to beat with a stick, while performing a song in his honor.

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