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For many years all over the world held a dance practice "Ecstatis Dance», where people gather to, to dance, open up and break out of the usual state of consciousness.

People dancing in a space free from cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and conversations. This is not a dance lesson, no choreography, only need to listen to your body and move in the flow of the music, enjoying every movement, which itself is born, in the moment.

If you think, You do not like to dance, then there are two options. Or you just forgot about it, look at children, because they love to dance. Or you just never really danced surrounded by nice people, who do not appreciate you and your movements. There is another option - it's mind, that tells you, why is it necessary? But in spontaneous dancing mind once again is not necessary.

The word "Ecstatic" is usually colloquially used to mean "extreme excitement" or "delight". But as the word "ecstasy" means "way out of themselves". The ecstatic dance moves, "Beside himself" the whole man - his body, feelings, memory and imagination. Words can not convey the sense of immeasurable joy, love of life, the charm of existence, which cover a dancing man.

During the dance, our consciousness expands, changing perception of time, we feel its primitive state, back to childhood, We experience the joy of the game, We learn a new own body. In the body there is always a state, perception layer, in which we can do nothing, but to enjoy life as it is. Dance gives direct and easy access to this ocean of bliss.

Every Sunday in the Poble Sec area in the spacious hall of the Theatre Institute held a two-hour session ecstatics Dance. It does not matter your age, musical taste, physical training and dancing skills. Come in comfortable clothes and a bottle of water. Footwear irrelevant, all dancing barefoot. The cost of one session 12 €.

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