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This Friday 12 February Barcelona celebrated an important event in the field of public transport - the opening Aeroport-T1 plants and Aeroport-T2. This project is carried out in response to requests from the organizers of the Mobile World Congress event, the world's largest exhibition of mobile technology, which runs each February in Barcelona.

Usually during this exhibition, which involves some 100 thousands of people, on the interval from the airport to the city of traffic jams occur, a new opportunity to reach the city from the airport by underground streams must unload land transport and reduce traffic jams.

However, if you live in the center of Barcelona, ​​this option is unlikely to be the most comfortable. Still easier and faster to take the bus Aerobus or the train to Sants station and the second terminal.

But back to the news. Each terminal will now be on a new station. Terminal 1 – станция Aerport-T1, Терминал 2 – станция Aeroport-T2. These two stations will be the last on the branch L9, for which you will be half an hour to go only to the intersection with the end stations of the central branch of the Barcelona metro. It will be possible to transfer to Torrassa station on the red metro line, the next Collblanc station on the blue and the final Zona Universitaria on the green. And from them to get to the center of Barcelona. Between the desired station and the airport will 10 nobody interesting stops.

Trains will depart every seven minutes, starting with 5 in the morning until midnight, and if you are already happy that there is a new way to cheaply get from Barcelona airport to the city, the delights in store. In this segment will not act normal ticket for the underground T-10, the Catalans are not ready for such generosity. A single ticket will be called "Bitllet Aeroport" and cost 4,50 €.

Perhaps for the mobile congress participants, who live in a suburban hotel between the airport and Plaza of Spain, is an excellent option, but for ordinary tourists and residents, these new stations are absolutely clueless - to get them to the city slow, expensive and inconvenient.

Barcelona Airport New Terminal Building T1

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