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A stone's throw from the metro Sant Antoni is a club Jazz Si, where every day there are concerts of music bands most diverse areas.

In our 2012 this place was turned 20 years, during which here sounded rhythms and melodies for all tastes, people danced, drinking, They communicate and have fun with music. This institution declares itself, as a platform for budding musicians. Many now famous groups here began his concert career.

Jazz Si is the area of ​​small format, here come the experts and musical gourmands, to hear something new and unusual. Behind places around 7 thousands of concerts and more 36.000 musicians, speakers on its stage.

Monday Jazz Si, as its name, pleases guests jazz concerts. Come hear from famous Catalan artists, professional refined sound. Home in 20-30. Log in with a drink 8 €.

Every Tuesday and Sunday at Jazz Si stage playing rock, pop or blues. You can come here with his instrument and to take part in the final jam gigs. On Tuesdays beginning at 19-45, Entrance with a drink 5 €. On Sundays, beginning at 18-30, Entrance with a drink 6 €.

On Wednesdays, the institution returns to his favorite jazz. This evening of music students come here, to show their skills, hone your technique and learn new techniques. In the evening there is a concert, each tries his hand in the group and always very cheerful jam gigs. Home in 19-45, Entrance with a drink 4 €.

Chertverg in Jazz Si is an evening of Latin American salsa, cumbia and other incendiary rhythms, under which spontaneously begin to move her hips. Most often on Thursdays here are the Cuban teams. Home in 20-30, Entrance with a drink 8 €.

Every Friday and Saturday nights there are concerts of flamenco. guitar solo, soulful singing and dancing fire - passion throughout Spain on the same stage for you. Home in 20-45. Log in with a drink 10 €.

The club has a bar with a basic selection of drinks, alcohol and snacks. Detailed program of concerts here.

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Average check:
Address: Street Requesens, 2
Metro station: San Antoni
Phone: +34 933 29 00 20
Working hours:

Concerts about every day 20-00. See the program

entrance fee: from 4 euros with a drink to 10 €

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