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If instead of going to the big stores with mass brands you dig much nicer on the shelves with unique vintage gadgets, then you have arrived at. Barcelona - a haven for avant-garde fashionistas, otdayuschyh Preferences vyntazhu and second-hand. Shop Holala! in the heart of the old town - the main guru in this matter, and not only on the garment.

Holala! - Is a network of vintage shops around the world, which has existed for more 40 years. Owners Holala! romp through the cities and countries, Taking the best flea markets and textile processing factory, where gently, one by one, choose unusual things to your taste. Taste collectors Holala! extremely versatile, evidence of colorful shelves of their stores, where even the most sophisticated mod can find something for themselves. The quality of things at them too on the highest level, best of the best in the whole of Europe, vintage.

In Holala! in the heart of Barcelona in the Raval neighborhood, you can find not only vintage clothing and footwear. Here there mebed, imported from France and America, old video games, Skateboarder, surfboards of the 80's, clock, spectacles, magazines and books about fashion and art. For the most spiritualized visitors in the shop is a black board, where he left his mark for more than a street artist.

Besides, Holala! is the organizer of many exhibitions of contemporary art and music festivals.

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Address: Plaza Castella 2
Metro station: Universitat
Working hours: The shop is open from Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 evening

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