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Few people know that this beach is called Somorrostro in honor of the ancient district of Barcelona, ​​most know it as the beach, opposite the two towers near the beach or the golden fish, it is the closest to the metro Ciutadella Villa Olimpica. Usually foreign youth rest here, a lot of girls of blondes from Northern Europe and students from many different countries.

Compared with the atmosphere in the Barceloneta, where kosyachki smoking and drinking cheap beer, there is almost no public hippies and more glamorous. This is due to the presence of right on the shoreline of a number of trendy clubs and restaurants such as Opium, Shoko and CDLC. On the terraces of these clubs in the afternoon plays house, hip young relaxed sipping mojitos and eating sushi. It often flashed studs with miniskirts and guys in polo smoking hookah. Nice little waitress made especially impressive clients a relaxing massage. A paradise for tourists and glamorous girls and boys.

Address: Barceloneta Promenade, 44
Metro station: Ciutadella Villa Olimpica
Tip: Apart from the terrace at Hotel W, all the glamorous youth tans here

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Villa Olimpica

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