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On Mount Tibidabo is an amusement park unique, which is over a hundred years. The park was built in 1889 in upper Raval. It is especially delight the little ones, but adults are sure to impress. This is the second theme park, built in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. Stunning view from here, in the world there is another ferris wheel with an overview.

Of course, if important to you and the quality of adrenaline rides, instead of admiring views of Barcelona, then it is necessary to go into a huge and modern fleet Port Aventura. But if you are a romantic and love of retro, you will be pleased to take a ride on the carousel at sunset or fly over Barcelona on a red airplane, which is an almost exact replica of the first plane, which flew from Madrid to Barcelona.

The park rides about thirty, including several trains, pirate schooner, Drakkar Viking Air Express. Brave visitors a direct path to the roller coaster or castle full of ghosts Misteriós. Screaming in horror, mixed with delight, you'll be on the rides and Diavolo Hurakan. Kids like best attraction "Alaska": swim on his back fur seal around the ice floe, on which walk penguins and polar bears. But with no less joy they make a journey on the carousel "Balloons". Of course, in the park Tibidabo is and favorite amusement of all children - trampolines. Note, that for the little kids rides a bit - most of them designed for children taller than 1,20 m.

Entrance to the park costs 28.50 €, for those, those below 120 cm - 10.30 €, and the, those below 90 cm - free admission. There is an alternative route through the park, called «Camí del Cel» (Heavenly Way), it includes only selected attractions, Only seven out of 25. Tickets for these attractions worth 12.70 Adult and € 7.80 € children. This part of the park is open every day from 11 in the morning, even when the main part of the park is not working.

Park Timetable 11 a.m. to 21-00:

From March to December: weekends and public holidays
July: from Wednesday to Sunday
August: every day
January: from 2nd to 5th
The park is closed: all of February and 6 by 31 January

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Address: Plaza del Tibidabo, 3, 08035 Barcelona
Phone: +34 932 117 942

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