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"Port Adventures" - one of the largest amusement parks in Europe, Located near the town of Salou on the Costa Dorada. Port Aventura Theme Park was built by the British company Tussauds Group in 1995 in upper Raval, but was bought two years later Universal. It is the second largest theme park in Europe, after Disneyland Paris, and the worst slide here - great and terrible Shambhala!

The main objective of the founders of the park was the creation of the various geographical areas in a nutshell - it makes a walk in the park is very entertaining, colorful, diverse and fun. The park is divided into five thematic "worlds", all of which are typical of the area restaurants, scenery and attractions:


Mediterranean - the first part of the park, where visitors come directly from the main entrance. many restaurants are concentrated in the "Mediterranean", a cafe, gift shops. In this part of the park is an attraction Furius Baco, It is a kind of roller coaster, clocked up 135 kilometers per hour 2.9 seconds. Maximum speed of the attraction 235 kilometers per hour. Feel Schumacher. The thrill of acceleration simply unforgettable, especially those who will sit on the left side of the center, and even on the front. It is desirable to lay out all the stuff out of your pockets. Restriction on growth: minimum - 1,40 m, maximum 1,95 m.

Wild West

In this part of the park it reminds all times of the Wild West of America. cowboy spirit, American landscapes, at home, music. Of particular interest in this thematic area cause the following attractions: Silver River Flume, Stampida, Tomahawk, Grand Canyon Rapids. Silver River Flume - aqueous atraktsion, which is a river with a height difference. On the last ascent and descent unforgettable emotions, nobody will dry! Stampida - wooden American race on trolleys, moving along parallel paths race. Tomahawk - wooden roller coaster in the single trolleys. Grand Canyon Rapids - aqueous atraktsion, where visitors are invited to ride on a mountain river on a large balloon.


The colorful rides and plenty of cafes Mexican cuisine. It is one of the newest and most popular attractions Aventura -Huracán Condor. Free fall from a height of 110 m and a sharp deceleration in the minimum distance from the ground. The strongest emotions are guaranteed even the bravest.

Chinatown in its best. Attractions Dragon Khan and Shambhala are the symbol and the main attractions of the amusement park. Both slides can be seen from afar. On Dragon Khan, you will carry a rate of about 100 km / h in eight loop. A new slide Shambhala 2012 of the year beat as many as three records: the highest in Europe giperkoster - 76 m, giperkoster the fastest in Europe - 134 km / h and the longest length of the fall - 78 m. Get ready for a lot of screaming and loud!


Colorful theatrical show, attractions, a cafe, design transport visitors to Polynesia. among the attractions, deserve special attention, note: Sea Odyssey 4D - cinema, Tutuki Splash - water attraction.

The total area of ​​the park Port Aventura - 34.000 m2

How to get there:

By train from Barcelona to Port Aventura stop riding hour 15 minutes. We need to sit on the R16 line train to Sants Station or Paseo de Gracia. At any stop Barcelona commuter train, you can buy a ticket, which comprises travel by train and back to the park, as well as the entry for a day. Adults pay for a ticket 45 €, and children to 10 years - 39 €. It is much more convenient, you buy a ticket in the park, you will save time, as the queues at the ticket often impressive. We advise on the opportunity to go to the park on weekdays, especially on weekends and in the summer there are too crowded, though sometimes time, conducted in line for an attraction, only adds adrenaline.

46.Performance PortAventura 783528
Address: Avenida Alcalde Pere Molas, km 2 43840 Vilaseca Tarragona
Metro station: Port Aventura (RENFE)
Phone: +34 977 77 90 90
Working hours: FROM 17 March 18 June and 13 September 1 November opening hours of the amusement park - from 10.00 to 20.00. FROM 19 June 12 September the park is open from 10-00 a.m. to 00-00 night. During this period you can buy the so-called "night" ticket, which is cheaper than usual. В конце октября "Port Aventura" свою работу заканчивает.
entrance fee: A ticket for the whole day for an adult is 45 €, and children to 10 years - 39 € €

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