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The Barcelona Raval ghetto often hides in its dark alleys real treasures. for example, Restaurant Las Fernandes, which has for many years to please its guests a selection of delicious dishes and their informal and fun atmosphere.

A visit to this restaurant - a guarantee, that you are very tasty and high quality feed. This restaurant opened Bert Fernandez, tusovshtitsa, fashionista, and in addition, the mistress of her second offspring Monroe. The main customers of its institutions - bright hipsters, gay and lesbian, All Barcelona's get-together, who calls his favorite restaurant in abbreviated form - «Las Fer».

Already in place ask the waiter dishes of the day «platos del día», because here in addition to the main menu every day prepared something special. Original recipes and fresh products, it is unlikely you will find these taste combinations elsewhere. Here, excellent salads, seafood, Duck dishes, fish and beef ham «cecina». Selecting Entrust wine waiters. Desserts in Las Fehr also worthy of attention. The waiters are happy to prompt and help you choose the dishes to your taste. It is best to order a few dishes per person and try a little bit. Srelnyaya cost meals 15 €

Here, bright interior in red tones with a hint of kitsch almodovarskogo and the ability to skip a couple of shots after dinner at the bar. The path to the bathroom is through the kitchen, so that along the way you can see for yourself, that everything is prepared with great love.

On Fridays and Saturdays is better to book a table in advance by phone (just write your reserve on the answering machine), midweek is usually problems with no free tables. Here dine in 2 change, at 21-30 and 23-00.

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Average check: €€€
Address: Street carts, 11
Metro station: Sant Antoni, Parallel
Phone: +34 93 443 20 43
Working hours: The restaurant is open from 21-00 to 02-00 Tuesday to Sunday inclusive.

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