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FROM 15 by 21 August in Barcelona, ​​will be the largest street festival quarter Gracia. Annually Fiestas de Gracia attracts about half a million people to the days and nights long walk and have fun at the beautifully decorated streets of Gracia, good reasons to have fun here enough for all.

Bright, unusually decorated streets, concerts, performances, working late into the night bars and cafes - all this makes the event one of the most colorful summer holidays in Barcelona.

The history of this festival dates back almost 200 years. Then Gracia was still a small village outside the borders of Barcelona, ​​and later it became a new area of ​​the Catalan capital, and still later Gracia district has become very popular because of its special flavor and a bit rustic spirit. This is a completely autonomous part of Barcelona, ​​a small oasis in the tourist districts and boring bohemian districts. Now it is popular among artists, cosmopolitan young people and is known for its relaxed atmosphere. Tourists are not so many as in Gothic and Borne, but a lot of things are typically Spanish: cafes, restaurants, shops, markets, shops and stalls.

Every year in August, Gracia district is celebrating its largest and most colorful festival - Fiesta Mayor de Gracia. The festival will be held on 18 streets and squares between metro stations Diagonal, Fontana, Lesseps and Joanic. During district street festival compete in urban design. Residents Gracia turn their small streets in celebration of color, music and dance. Each street has its own thematic focus. For decorating the streets are most commonly used objects, which served once in a life - cartons, cellophane, plastic bottles, wire, etc.. d. What is usually thrown out, here it takes on a second life. To participate in the preparation of the festival lasts a whole year. People decorate not only outside, but also balconies and windows. The most ingenious inhabitant of the district at the end of the festival received the award.

During the week of the festival on the streets of Gracia quarter live music, competitions, performances and massive dining. By the way, the food and drink during the holiday are much cheaper than usual. Beer, for example, costs 1 €, while more serious beverages, rum, cola or gin and tonic, about 4 €. Most people on a holiday after dark. After dinner, many choose to spend a few hours walking along the decorated streets, at this time are the main concerts, which end around midnight. Look for the organizers of the event with a free newspaper detailed program and map of the area indicating the decorated streets. Closer to the night begins the preparation of the traditional drink Ron Cremat (Burnt rum) - with spices, lemon peel and coffee beans. This is a very tasty drink that warms from the inside.

If you do not like big crowds, we recommend you to come to admire the decorated streets in the afternoon when there is not so crowded. But do not forget that most of the decorations are lit in the dark and look very different than during the day.

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