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FROM 1 by 20 August manor Masía Mas Gelabert, which is located on the Costa Brava near the beach Pals, once again will host a festival «White Summer». This is an exclusive event for the whole family, which combines many elements of leisure - a market of designers, gastronomic fair, entertainment for children and adults, live music concerts, circus performances and more.

The festival is difficult to reach by public transport, therefore it is advisable to rent a car in the first half of the day to arrange a tour of the coves of the Costa Brava and in the evening to stop by the festival to have fun among the Catalan bohemian.

This is the fifth edition of the festival, where in an area of ​​80.000m2 expected around 400 exhibition stands, 40 FUD-tracks 3 copyright restaurants, including restaurant Paco Perez with three Michelin stars, great chillout area in the middle of the forest, beautiful installation, the icy white wine, wonderful sunsets, and only the best music.

festival Website

video Promo

Dogs allowed. If you arrive on a bicycle - you start up free.

Day ticket: 5 €

Ticket for the week: 15 €

Host of the festival: Masia Mas Gelabert, 17256 Pals, Girona

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