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Winter in Barcelona still come! I had to extract from the depths of the closet winter hats and scarves, turn the heat on full blast, start using cats as heaters and run around town in search of tents with mulled wine. And only managed to keep warm, covered Christmas fuss and indispensable activity on the eve of the holidays - the choice of gifts.

Где в Барселоне купить подарки на Рождество своим друзьям и близким? Советуем заглянуть на традиционные рождественские ярмарки. One is located on the Plaza Nova square in front of Cathedral and is called Fira de Santa Lucia. The second fair is located on the square in front of the temple of the Sagrada Familia. They can eat the sweet sweet potato on the grill or roasted chestnuts, buy beautiful Christmas decorations, Christmas tree and the cocoa logs. Yes, Yes, you heard right. It is a symbol of Catalan Nativity «Cagatio», Catalan in every house put a log, that instead of Santa Claus brings gifts to children.

At fairs selling cheeses, sausages, sweets, among which the most popular "nougat" and other goodies. And if you are missing a dive into the magic and no inspiration, visit the Christmas nativity scenes. The main normally stands on the Sant Jaume Square with views of the City Hall, but much more cute and fabulous nativity scene this year placed in the inner patio of the museum Museu Frederic Marés. Go here for coffee before the walk at fairs, especially advised to come with their children.

The fair is open to the 23 December every day from 10 a.m. to 20-30



Cathedral Plan Headquarters, s/n

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