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One of the most beautiful hiking routes for the Catalan is in a valley, which is called Congost de Mont Rebei. Barcelona From here can be reached by car in two and a half hours. Mont Rebey is the only wild gorge of Catalonia, located away from major highways, railways and power lines. Despite this, in recent years this place has become very popular, so we recommend coming here only on weekdays, and spend the night there to start the route on foot early in the morning, ideally just after dawn. It was under such circumstances, you can enjoy the unique beauty of this place in peace and quiet.

For an overnight stay, you can stay in a hotel near the village «Casa Rural» or take a tent. We own experience repeatedly tested, that if you put the tent just before dusk and gather early in the morning, then the chances of getting a fine for illegal camping are reduced to zero. It is very important not to leave any garbage and does not make a fire.

The route along a winding gorge Mont-Rebey unlikely to bring pleasure to those who is afraid of heights. It passes along the trail, which is paved artificially inside the mountain, along the edge of a high cliff. Throughout the route will have to undergo several suspension bridges, the bottom of which is made of a metal lattice that allows you to experience half a kilometer precipice at his feet in all its glory. At the bottom of the gorge flows the river Noguera Ribagorzana, its blue color adds a special local landscapes brightness and beauty. You can also rent kayaks and swim to them by the river at the bottom of the gorge.

To start the route on foot, leave the car in the parking lot Parking La Masieta, do not forget to bring water and something to eat. Here goes a few hiking trails for hiking, we recommend to go from room 2, which is indicated by a blue color. The route lasts 4 o'clock, 2 hour to the end point, and 2 back.

Guides Happy in Spain hold for you a tour of the gorge Mont Rebei. Prices from 200 of € 3-4 man. This price includes transport and a guide who will accompany you throughout the entire event. Rental housing, kayaks and meals are paid separately.

Ar Mont Rebei HOR E5DB5815105D48D2B8959C3CE6E726BC Alejandra Ribas Mont Rebei 48156
Address: Mont Rebei (Parking Masieta)
Phone: +34675323976

We offer unique tours with an overnight stay and a walk along the gorge Mont Rebei

cost: 200 €

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