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On the night 11 by 12 August in the mountains near Barcelona, ​​it will be possible to observe the unique natural phenomenon called «Lágrimas de San Lorenzo», Tears of St. Lorenzo or simply Shooting Stars.

Every year at this time the Earth passes through the tail of Comet Swift-Tuttle, and then in the sky you can watch the Perseids - the meteors, so named for its appearance from the constellation Perseus. The number of meteors usually reaches 60 in time, and their speed is 150 thousands of km / h. It is best to see the meteor shower will be in the North-East.

Stars, large like ripe apples August, fall from the sky about once every five minutes, they, who had seen a shooting star, oglašaût night radostnymi Shouts, they, who missed - outraged cries using swear words and "untranslatable local dialect". The main task - to have time to make a wish, although the stars in the night fall so often, that you have an unlimited number of attempts to realize the most cherished dreams.

We recommend to go to the mountains, climb higher, which does not reach the urban electricity light. If you are in Barcelona, it is possible to climb the Tibidabo, but ideally hire a car and go to sleep in a tent on the top of the mountain of Montserrat. This magical night is best carried out in the field, filled with magic, Montserrat is known as a place of power with very strong energy.

Lenoid Meteors, Streaking Past Stars, Light The Night Sky In The Northern Spanish Town Of Talamillo Del Tozo, In The Early Hours Of August 12, 2005. The Perseid Meteor Shower Is Sparked Every August When The Earth Passes Through A Stream Of Space Debris Left By Comet Swift-Tuttle, And Is Clearly Visible To The Naked Eye In Several Parts Of The Middle East And Asia. REUTERS / Victor Fraile


Excursion to the mountain of Montserrat 08199 Montserrat, Barcelona
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