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Input party in the club are famous not only for its atmosphere, most party-goers praised the local crystal-clear sound. Perhaps, this is the best sound for techno in Barcelona. for example, Kiasmos from last year set many still goosebumps. Input brings in excellent, sometimes think, Now it would be nice to go to a favorite artist, and now his name in the lineup next party. People come here for the music, or more precisely,, for psihoakusticheskoy stimulyatsiey, when you are completely dissolved in the sound and fly away to another reality. Not important, the language they speak dancing next to you people, reigns in this place only one language, understood by all.

The club played Kölsch, Joris Voorn, Stephan Bodzin, Apollonia, Pan Pot, Adam Beyer, Robert Hood, Derrik May, Worakl's, Charlotte White, Oxia, Marcel Dettmann and dozens of other artists. Program for the next party you can see HERE.

High Fidelity Dance Club calls itself this platform. And it is true, The club already has a huge number of loyal visitors, who know, that they are guaranteed to be waiting for a good experience. The club is located in the Spanish village close to the metro Espanya, seats 1500 guests. Parties are held on Fridays and Saturdays 00-30 to 6 in the morning. Early bird tickets can be purchased online for 5-7 €, before the party for 10, and already at the entrance will have to pay 18 €.

83946002 2516293218689674 9071456492384681984 O
Metro station: Spain
Working hours:

Every Friday and Saturday 00-30 to 6 in the morning


At the entrance tickets are expensive, than the site. Buy in advance online!

Spanish Village Of. Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13

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Plaza Espanya (Plaza de España)

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