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Once Sitges was a quiet fishing village with a church on the beach, but now it is a kind of mecca for minority sex, a very beautiful seaside town, which attracts gay people from all over the rest of the world. Gay theme here has long been part of the landscape of the place, and does not bother anyone, at any time of day or night the terrace bars and cafes filled with beautiful manicured Sitges men, elegant young people here are walking arm in arm or hand in hand. Sit down, order a glass of wine and watch. There are many couples with huge age difference, fashionable, noisy Italians, bald bearded "bears", men with varying degrees of steroid, leather "Germans", and elderly couples, visiting Sitges, probably, for the fortieth time. A night on the local parties often meet fans wigs, high studs and makeup. Bored with this color scheme is unlikely to succeed.

If you decide to take a swim, sunbathe and hit all around its splendor, except central beach recommend to visit the bay Balmins, in which there is a nude gay beach, where there is a casual and relaxed atmosphere. This paradise for same-sex couples and all, who wants to find a lover. To use the shower ask for a special card at the bar, leaving to pledge a few euros. If you stand in the center of Sitges facing the sea, this beach is on the left at the very end of the town, closer to the port. The exact address of the beach: Carrer de Ramón Planes, 9. If you are not the enemy long walks, then visit a few gay beaches around Sitges, they are in the opposite direction, that is, to the right side from the center, when facing the sea. At the end of the deserted parking lot of the former Club Atlantis begins the path towards the sea, if you walk on it for about half an hour along the train rails, you get to the wildest gay beach, который называется Playa del Muerto. On the map, this beach is located directly at Cape Punta de les Coves. The road here from Sitges center takes about an hour on foot, or pay 10 € Fees, You will land in 10 minute walk from the beach.

In the evening in search of a gay adventure should go to the best bar streets of the city - Carrer Bonaire, Calle Joan Tarrida и Street May Day, which all are called Scarlet Street (la calle del Pecado). The most fashionable bar with the best overview of the considered Pub Parrots, if you manage to take a table here, good luck tonight exactly on your side. After a few cocktails at the bar is the time to go to the dance in gay club, which range in Sitges to suit all tastes. The oldest of the clubs called Organic, also recommend to look into the Privilege, Route 66 или Bukakke.

In the morning, after a hearty breakfast, you can go shopping. In Sitges huge selection of fashion boutiques with a thematic clothing for boys and latex very different attributes. There are classic brands for makismalnaya elegant bow. Улицы для шоппинга Carrer Francesc, Parellades, Sant Pere, San Jose, Gaudencio и Bonaire.

But do not be afraid, tour with a traditional orientation Sitges, too, will appeal. You need to reassure the fact, that here go to rest a local family with children. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to walk along the serpentine narrow streets, admire the views very charismatic white houses, dine on fresh seafood, sitting on the terrace overlooking the sea. It is worth noting, on average, Sitges is considered an expensive resort, prices are all slightly higher, than in Barcelona.

In February, the Sitges Carnival is held. The city comes alive even for a week, and becomes as crowded and bright, in summer. The evening begins the real separation - all the streets are filled with people in fancy dress, the city go podium on wheels, where to loud dance music ignites a cheerful young people. Uncontrolled fun continues until dawn.

Before Sitges can be reached by train or car. It is only 30 km from Barcelona. By car there are two options for travel - on the toll road C-32 or the toll-free panoramic highway C-31, is a steep serpentine stretches along the sea. Pay highway involves passage through the tunnel, that cost 7 € one way. Therefore, the easiest way to catch a commuter train, especially, odds, that you will not come back in the sober, enormous. The train departs from the RENFE station at Plaza Catalunya, the trip lasts about 40 minutes. Schedules and prices can be viewed here.

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Address: Sitges
Working hours: Trains to Sitges from Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona to go 5-30 a.m. to 00-00

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