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Ride through Barcelona in bright electric moped has been made possible thanks to the company Yego. Their green mopeds conquer Barcelona. To use the service is super easy! Sign up online and download the app to your phone. On the city map, you will see, where your nearest free moped, in the trunk find two helmets and forward - to ride along the beaches of sunny Barcelona!

Yego - cool the Most Eco Moto Sharing in Barcelona. Available to anyone with a driver's license. Moped Yego always charged battery, which will be enough for a two-hour trip. rental value of approximately 0,22 cents per minute, i.e 5 Skating minutes will cost 1,5 €. for example, Yugo to get a moped from the Sagrada Familia to the beach will be much cheaper and more romantic, than by taxi.


Moped turns on and off the application. The key is not needed. A driving license for the car enough to use it, as the moped is not powerful, He goes very quiet and ideal for relaxing walks in Barcelona.

City map with highlighted red zone, on which NOT ride on mopeds Yugo.

Important tips: Park the scooter on the sidewalk not, and on special parking for motorcycles, they are marked white markings, otherwise you will have a fine. Do not drive the influence of alcohol and obey traffic rules!

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Working hours:

24 o'clock 7 days per week

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