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If you are looking for is not fashionable, and the old and authentic place for breakfast in Barcelona, be sure to visit Cafe Granja Viader. Tucked away in a narrow street just a step away from the Ramblas, это заведение радует жителей Барселоны традиционными чуррос с шоколадом, Catalan creams and other sweets. The owners will gladly show you the table, who once took a fancy to himself Picasso.

Слово “granja” переводится как “ферма”, в Барселоне до наших дней сохранилось несколько подобных заведений, где раньше продавали свежее молоко, которое привозили из своей же семейной фермы. Со временем такие гранхи превратились в кафе для завтраков, а именно эта знаменита тем, что семья Viader с 1870 года владела ей 5 поколений подряд. Они же открыли производство молочных продуктов, где впервые появилось любимое испанскими детьми шоколадное молоко Cacaolat.

Interior of the cafe has not changed since then, small marble tables, surroundings of a bygone era, elegant waiters and a great number of local, who all his life come here for breakfast or a sweet snack. when the institution 150 years, one can easily imagine, grandmother sitting here came here with my mother for a pen and varnish thick hot chocolate and eighty years ago,.

The most interesting, that in its history Granja Viader has not changed owners, All the same family Viader owns a cafe in the fourth generation. That is why at the entrance you will see a commemorative plaque, which set in Barcelona in front of the unique ancient institutions.

Average check: €€
Address: Street in Xuclà, 4
Metro station: Liceu
Phone: +34 933 183 486
Working hours:

Every day except Sunday from 9-00 to 13-00, afternoon with 17-00 to 21-00

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