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This Saturday, 27 September, the craziest bar in Barcelona, real absurdity temple, debauchery and frikovogo kitsch - бар Sor Rita празднует свой День Рождения! В программе блошиный рынок с кучей забавных мелочей по 1 €, race on high heels for smart boys and girls on the streets of the Gothic Quarter, free karaoke with the best fun hits 80, heady cocktails and the atmosphere around the films of Pedro Almodovar.


Birthdays prepared on the conscience! Guests of trash waiting for the ball 11 hours of merriment, and it is only planned. The celebration will begin at 4 hours of the day with a flea market - Action, that has long been in Barcelona rather hangouts, than the sale place. On blošinke Sor Rita, true, are promised thousands of different veshchichek, Clothes and accessories for 1, 2 and 3 €, so if you want to replenish your wardrobe avant-garde - do not miss!

In our 19: 00 will begin a marathon in high heels, and here on his heels will be happy to run not only girls. All this cheerful crowd in pink shirts Sor Rita, short shorts and colorful tights will gather on the square in Barcelona Post Office in the photo shoot and from there run to conquer the narrow streets of the Gothic. And after collecting heels with paving and awarding the winners of the race - Free karaoke bar 22:00. Cook hits of the 80s and forth to light crowd!

Sor Rita - the most kitsch bar Barcelona. Shoes on the ceiling, glowing altars on the walls, frescoes of saints and whores, mating Barbie and Kena, leopard and zebra tapestry. This place in the Gothic Quarter is a unique one embodiment of the word "kitsch". And never understand, why dizzy here, whether from alcohol, whether from its diversity and the absurdity around.

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