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In Barcelona, ​​you can open a small business without too much difficulty, and if the plan is correct and there is an audience, then you are doomed to success. And if you are from Northern Europe and know how anyone else in smoke ham, fish or mussels, you'll soon know about you all Barcelona. Because here appreciate quality products and are very fond of good food. Because it is necessary to support business start-ups, especially when we see immediately how much love and work they put into their work.

If you are going for a walk in the district of Sant Antoni, and suddenly feel with nothing comparable to the smell of smoked meat, you know, it's the guys from Smokehouse at work. Rented an empty terrace on the roof of the building, they immediately set to work - in a barrel of wine from Priorat smoked real basturma, duck breast, mackerel and octopus. Here every detail is important, even the wood used special, from the city of Lleida bring apple or pear tree. All products are environmentally friendly, meat and poultry is purchased on small farms near Barcelona.

Smokehouse owners have learned to brew your own beer smoked in snack which once again wonderfully fits the aforementioned mackerel.

Smokehouse possible to order products on their website. But if you want to first see the gastronomic creations in person, as well as to try to have the famous sandwich with basturma, come this Saturday 3rd of March in a bar La Confiteria, there is a 11 a.m. to 17-00 They will sell their goodies guys from Smokehouse.

Confectionery - Paul улица 128 near the metro station Parallel

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