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Spaniards have a lot of nice traditions, which quickly get used to and then without them life is a joy. This is not only an afternoon siesta or a fun night fiesta, there is such a thing as a morning vermouth. It's when you kind of just woke up, and already a little drunk sitting with friends on a sunny terrace, and no limit to the fun.

Drinking vermouth Sunday morning or Saturday is actually a Spanish tradition. A glass with ice, a slice of orange, olive on a toothpick and it all poured wonderful fortified wine flavored and spicy herbs. And of course, the main character of this feast, the siphon with soda to dilute the vermouth to taste. for vermouth Snacks are very different, most often it is chips, olives, slices Fouette sausage, mussels, cheese, all kinds of kanapeshki, everything is simple and delicious.

This Saturday you have the opportunity to share such a nice tradition with masters of the art gallery El Bigote del Sr. Smith, which translated means "Moustache Mr. Smith". This cozy creative space in the street Joaquin Costa. There will be snacks to entertain and pamper free vermouth everyone, also in the program incendiary DJ sets. Among the abundance of public hipsters guaranteed, they love to go on a morning vermouth. Home in 12-00.

Адрес: Joaquín Costa, 38, метро University


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