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Kraftwerk - German music band from Düsseldorf, who made a huge contribution to the development of electronic music. The band was formed in 1968 in upper Raval. In the early works of Kraftwerk (before the album Autobahn, 1974) The music was experimental and not primarily e. Dominant styles were krautrock and avant-garde.

Beginning with 1974 years, music has become less experimental, with clearer electronic rhythm structures. Kraftwerk are the creators of the electro style, sometimes even the invention of the techno style is attributed to them. They were one of the very first pop groups., who created a non-avant-garde musical composition using electronic instruments only. Even the voice was created using a generator, or passed through a vocoder, becoming robotic.

22 April 21-00 during the festival SUITE Barcelona will host a concert of this legendary band. And the most surprising, it is his place of. The show will take place at the luxurious Opera stage Lise. It's funny to observe the change of the public in the evening, instead of the usual super elegant Catalan grandmothers in fur with their spouses in evening dress, at the entrance will be a crowd of techno fans. No wonder they say, that Barcelona city contracts.

I want to note, that every Kraftwerk performance is a bright show, accompanied by video installations and incredibly beautiful special effects in 3D. Ever since the album "Man-Machine" (1978), the artists on stage often "replace" mannequin robots, and in their videos all difficult to distinguish between live performers from mechanical. Given the age of the team, their experience, innovation (band members themselves designed electronic musical instruments), impact on the subsequent world electronic scene, a concert at the Liceo Opera House promises to be an unforgettable sight and celebration for music lovers.

Tickets cost from 135 €

You can buy them here.

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