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In Barcelona, ​​holidays and festivals follow one another without a break. Only young people beginning to recover after three days of Sonar festival, as it was already time to prepare for a new celebration, the feast of St. Joan.

Joan is a holy brother Catalan Russian Ivan Kupala, in his honor in Barcelona every year is celebrated the shortest night of the year, coinciding with the summer solstice. The origin of this celebration comes from paganism, the main ritual is fueling huge bonfires to give more strength to the sun, which from that day begins to weaken, and the days are getting shorter. Fires also help scare away witches and other evil forces which, according to tradition, going all together in the shortest night of the year.

Tuesday in 18-30 at Sant Jaume square in the heart of the Gothic Quarter will bring sacred fire to all Beltane. It is a beautiful tradition, which is accompanied by music and a parade of giant puppets.

On the night 23 on 24 of June in Barcelona, ​​you will be a lot of fun if you are not afraid of the constant explosions of firecrackers and huge accumulations are not particularly sober people. By tradition, this night you have to go to watch the sunset on the beach, then the real madness begins. Bonfires, fireworks, firecrackers, dancing, concerts and parties. About 70 thousands of people come to the beaches of Barcelona in the night.

Party at night San Joan:

The beach cafe Mokai Beach Bar on the beach Nova Icaria held a party with electronic music with 17-00 to 5 in the morning. the entrance is free.

Sant Adria on the beach in Besos will be another party fries from the collective Discos Paradiso. DJs will perform the following: Ari Up + Abu Sou + Bzzzbip + Compass Crew feat. Not Me & Ntrnstr + DJ Bruce Lee + Mr. Ho + Omega III. Home in 20-00 to 6 in the morning. The exact location of: La Barca De Adria.

As for gastronomy, this holiday has made a special cake called "Coca St. Juan". La Coca de Sant Joan - a traditional cake with various fillings for every taste: cream, pine nuts, candied fruits, marmalades, etc..

Metro and bicycles bising in San Joan night will work all night. And in the morning all the cleaning service to the beach, to return to their open spaces clean and tidy. Do not forget that on the 24th of June in Barcelona, ​​a public holiday and all shops are closed.

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