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The largest gay festival in Europe begins in Barcelona on August 2. Last year at this super large-scale celebration of life came about 70.000 otvyaznyh krasavchikov from around the world. This year the tradition is expected mega fun, Circuit because this entire 12 days of separation, party, performances of the best DJs and other incendiary events.

The most powerful day party will take place as usual in the water park «Isla Fantasia» on August 9 th, This year it will last almost 24 o'clock, from 10 a.m. to 6 the next morning. About 50 handsome go-go, dance and frolic in the pools, fireworks show and only the best music from the house All Star DJs morning.

Video from the party last year,

In addition to the party at a water park Circuit organizers have prepared for you a lot of not less bright hangouts, will and night club parties, daytime pool party, and, of course, prepati bars and afterparty in private clubs with dark rumami and saunas. In addition, this year's Circuit cooperating network of gyms DIR, which will be running too between the massives, so as not to lose shape. Although something tells us, that will get there not many. Much nicer to rest after dancing, kupayasy at sea and zagoraya about coffee BeGay, that Marbella beach.

Subscribe to all events of the festival is 400 €, but the cost to the individual parties:

Big Opening: 20 €

Morning - Beyond The Island: 20 €

We Party: 30 €

Klubberdome Feat Offer Nissim: 40 €

Pool Party Morning: 20 €

The Week: 35 €

Pool Party morning + The Week: 55 €

Arena Pool Party: 25 €

Forever Tel Aviv: 30 €

Arena Pool Party + Forever Tel Aviv: 55 €

Quick: 20 €

Water Park Day: 55 €

Water Park Day + Night: 100 €

Megawoof: 35 €

We Party: 30 €

Pervert XXL: 40 €

Papa Main Pool Party: 30 €

Main Party: 40 €

Papa Main Pool Party + Main party: 70 €

The !: Milk 40 €

Closing Party: 40 €

Milk + Closing Party: 80 €

You can buy tickets HERE.

If you are interested in living in the days of the festival, email us at and we will find you the perfect apartment in the center of Barcelona.

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