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This Saturday will be held in the suburbs of Barcelona, ​​the night version of the festival Eat Street, this time based on the series "Walking Dead". Eternally hungry zombies to eat the enemy himself, until the enemy did not eat it. At this festival you do not have options, whether you are a zombie, fudi or ordinary people, there will have a lot, tasty and, most wild, after six.

На мероприятии будут готовить шеф-повара барселонских ресторанов Casa Xica, Bicnic, Gastro Burger Three in the kitchen, the Provençana ice creams, Kraken, Mr. Dumpling, Monchis, La República и Masala73. This means that the culinary offer will satisfy any request, from the menu a variety of variations of street food, from Chinese Dumpling, incredible sandwiches and Venezuelan grilled meat to vegetable curry and delicious Arabian dishes. Each dish will cost no more than € 5. Wine, beer and other drinks to choose from. From the beginning of the festival and to the morning DJs will play here, so feel free to try all the sweets and then how to potantsuete to not worry about the figure.

The venue of this version of the Festival was chosen the area around the trains station in Hospitalet, where many abandoned factories, painted graffiti, and quite atmosphere Berlin. If you're a little tired of the endless mojitos on the beach, such a choice would be nice to dilute the typical dynamics of the summer in Barcelona.

Location of event: Street Rosalia de Castro 11, 08901, Hospitalet de Llobregat. Admission is free, beginning with 18-00 and up to five in the morning.

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