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Fans of contemporary art in Barcelona there is always, how fun, special, fans of graffiti and street art. various exhibitions, festivals, show, independent artists, galleries and other art-game events. Now, eg, gallery “3 Punts” on Enric Granados street is the exhibition of the famous street artist Mr. Brainwash from France, he is - Mr. Brainwash, he is - a documentary by Banksy, Shepard "OBEY" and the Space Invaders. Do not miss!

Exhibition in Barcelona gallery 3 Punts Frenchman Thierry Guetta - the event is really significant, This is the first appearance of the legendary Mr. shrinks (Mr. Brainwash) in Spain. The exhibition - his unique works, created specifically for the exhibition, paintings and collages on canvas and cardboard, and even a sculpture. like it barselontsy, perhaps, most, it is one of the favorite symbol of the city - the albino gorilla Snowflake,, lived a long time in Barcelona Zoo.

A native of Paris, Mr. Brainwash, I found his calling, moved to 1982 in Los Angeles. Soon he began to take video lesson his brother, street artist under the pseudonym of "Space Invaders". A acquainted with Shepard Fairey (OBEY) and mysterious Banksy, Thierry and he began to do street art and quickly became a legend. His snapping at international auctions, to it line up of Hollywood stars turn, and art school students already studying his contribution to contemporary art.

The exhibition is open to the 17 January.

Gallery 3 Punts: Enric Granados, 21

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday 1030 a.m. to 14: 00 and 1630 a.m. to 20:30. On Monday, in the second half of the day.


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