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In Artevistas Barcelona gallery offers art fair WAC Project interior. If you urgently need a new lighting in the apartment or a gift to your creative friends for the coming holidays - you exactly here. WAC Project brought together contemporary artists from the world of art, engravings and illustrations, I gave them the most ordinary light bulb and a piece of wood and said, "Create!". The result of this experiment - the original series of lighting fixtures or objects contemporary art, call, as you wish.

Exhibition and sale of WAC Project opens at an opportune, this lamp is the perfect gift for all art lovers, It is not just art, it is a useful art! The main idea of ​​the curators - to unite in a single object art and functionality, after all, agree, often only, what you can do with modern art - it's just to put and watch, Well, think, what they are in themselves. WAC Project objects are light, In the literal sense of the word.

Opening of the exhibition on Friday, 5 December, at 19:00. Moritz Beer - Sponsor Program.

gallery Artevistas: Passage of Credit, 4

Artevistas Gallery Barcelona 820 2 820×300

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