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Spain Francisco Goya (1746-1828) - Spain is tragic. It was the artist's engravings tragic sounds particularly clear. Replacing each other, followed by full of sarcasm, horror, sometimes despair and hatred scene. Comes the theme of stupidity and ignorance, parasitic aristocracy, shallow, flattering, void nobility - court, capable of turning into donkeys respectable seniors.

But, perhaps, It occupies a central place of superstition topic, religious fanaticism, the tragic death of the victims in the hands of the Inquisition. Sympathized with prisoners and considering them guilty, Goya did not spare the crowd massacre witnesses, which in its fury seems devoid of human form.

To 25 May you have the opportunity to admire, terrified or admire the engravings of the great Spanish maestro. The exhibition at the Palace of Barcelona Palau de las Antiguitats his work rasperedeleny not in chronological, as is customary, order of, and clip art. You will see some 80 etchings of Goya four cycles: Caprichos (Whims), Los Desastres de la Guerra (The Disasters of War), La Tauromaquia (Bullfighting) and Los Disparates (nonsense). Along with the prints of Goya here exhibited the best work of his contemporaries. Total exhibition about 150 exhibits, which will open to us the reality of Spain 18 century.

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Address of the exhibition: Street Grace, 1, метро Diagonal. From Monday to Friday 11 a.m. to 14-00, afternoon with 17-00 to 20-00. the entrance is free. The exhibition runs until 25 May.

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