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Spannabis - an exhibition of marijuana, which is held in Barcelona for more than ten years in a row. This year it will take place from 20 by 22 Martha.

This event brings together all the lovers and lovers of marijuana. If you like marijuana, it is advisable to visit this exhibition, you will not regret. Last year it was visited by more than 20.000 guests. It is the largest exhibition in the world of marijuana.


The exhibition center Cornelio these days the smell is very specific. People come out in quite a good mood with lots of shopping and gifts. All this is legally and officially. In Spain, such events also take place in Madrid and Malaga.

Organizes Exhibition Center «Feria del Cañamo», its main representative, the young man, Raul, was happy to talk about the latest trends of the exhibition: "What is particularly impressive this year, so this abundance of professionals. This time, the exhibition involved more 200 companies engaged in the sale of specially bred seeds for the different varieties, fertilizers, various units for the cultivation of marijuana, as well as accessories for its use, bongs, pipes, vaporizer. We are responsible for the proper use and, therefore, do our best to inform visitors about the dangers of smoking frequent: at numerous conferences, experts in the fields of medicine, science and law talk about the positive and negative aspects of the use of marijuana, the possible consequences and penalties, and the latest trends in the art of cannabis breeding. Last year, the exhibition exceeded our most optimistic expectations in attendance - three days it came more 20 thousands of people".

At the exhibition are going to growers, sellers of fertilizers and accessories are interesting seminars and concerts, new Divays tested for smoking and, most interestingly, tasting the best varieties, and at the end of the exhibition was awarded the best grade of the year, the winner is awarded the Cup Cannabis Champions Cup. Here you can buy at a good price, any Divays smoking, seeds, as well as to try the latest varieties of marijuana.

It is worth noting that the distribution of marijuana in Spain and its use in public places is punishable by law, but smoking it privately at home - legally, as well as to grow up to three hives per person.

Now Barcelona the new fashion - on each corner open cannabis Association. This special institution, which became a member, you can buy and smoke marijuana on the territory of the association. Some associations play the DJs, the wall design art-house films, the bar serves delicious drinks and besides dozens of different varieties of marijuana and hashish, you can buy cookies and various goodies with marijuana.

Venue Spannabis - Fair Cornella. To get here the easiest way from Plaza Catalunya by train Ferrocariles Catalanes, reaching to Almeda station or the metro to Cornella Centre Station, but will have to walk minutes from her 20 on foot.

Admission to all three days of the event is 35 €, for one day - 15 € . The exhibition runs from 11-00 a.m. to 20-00. Login to those who are younger 18, prohibited.

Marijuana Cupcakes speak Andalu

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