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While experts argue fiercely, Graffiti calling the vandalism, the new art form, painted walls of the houses are increasingly becoming the paintings in galleries. This time the graffiti takes the stage in Barcelona gallery SiempreYo, where an exhibition of "Fresh Art" a few days ago. The exposition contains works best street artists of Barcelona, Madrid and their Italian allies.

Perhaps, You will not find a single street in Barcelona, which would not be painted with graffiti. Although the City Council continues to call this kind of expression hooliganism and vandalism, street artists of the Catalan capital feel quite freely, continuing to decorate liberal city. Many wall scenes have long been a symbol of Barcelona, gallery owners who have not been slow to put on their shows, and designers - to use in their collections. SiempreYo united and those, and other. On the ground floor there is a clothing store and accessories, while the second - a contemporary art gallery.

"Fresh Art" held in SiempreYo gallery for the second time, continuing to show visitors the best of modern rock art. Collection of stars this time were such street artists, как Sacob, Mufashes и Miss White's krabelo. AND, of course, many other, sometimes nameless, works. Since these free artists difficult to keep within one room, do not forget to stroll through the nearby streets to the gallery in search of masterpieces.

The exhibition "Fresh Art" can be visited until 15 September, Gallery is open daily, except Sunday, from 12: 00 to 21:00.

Адрес галереи SiempreYo: C/Ripoll 18

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