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The Cyan gallery opens a collective exhibition of contemporary artists of Barcelona. The main idea of ​​the exhibition - to raise a number of social issues on the place of art in contemporary society. For this purpose, the gallery owners have tried to collect the most progressive and distinguished from the art world in Barcelona.

The name "Artificialia" exhibition from the threshold encourages us to closely examine each picture and examine every detail carefully. "Artificialia" - one of the four categories KUNSTKAMERA times 16-17 century. Naturalia (living things and natural objects), Exotica (exotic animals and plants), Scientifica (scientific instruments) y Artificialia (antiques, works of art and other objects, by the hand of man). This aim of the organizers and asked: to consider and explore contemporary art, created in their city. The main issue - the relevance of painting as a means of expression today.

The exhibition features works collected 36 artists and all - from the front row in Barcelona's art scene. The exhibition runs from 5 by 30 July, 11: 00 to 14: 00 and 1530 a.m. to 1930 Days all, except Sunday and Monday.

Artists of the exhibition:

Adrian Espinós, Aggtelek, Alejandra Atares, Children ragoza, Angie Bonino, Ariadna Mangrané, Daniel Lumbreras, David Franklin, Diego Pujal, Estefania Urrutia, Federico Garcia Trujillo, Francesc Ruiz Abad, Germán Portal, Gonzalo Elvira, Gorka Piñol, Guillermo Pfaff, Jack Davidson, January Monclús, Jo Milne, José Domínguez, José Ramón Alvaredo, Lola Lasurt, Marc Badia, Marco Noris, Mercedes Mangrané, Michael Swaney, Miquel value, Daffodil Hill Diaz, Oriol Arisa, Paul Escobar-Elorza, Pere Llobera, Chem Cantalozella, Quim Packard, Rafael Castañer, Rafael Guerrero, Sebastian Cabrera.

The gallery address CyanCarrer Balmes 88 near Diagonal Metro

Cyan Gallery

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