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The closer to the mountain Tibidabo, the more "Pihoya" lives there. That's the word Spaniards called rich majors, which go only to the most expensive restaurants, Dress in chic boutiques and contemptuous of the working class. Zona Alta - is the highest part of Barcelona, home to the Catalans with the highest income, These areas are located at the foot of Tibidabo.

Tourists the area is known primarily because of the magnificent temple of the Sacred Heart, standing on top of Mount Tibidabo, at the height of 512 m. These crowds rise for breathtaking view of the entire Barcelona. Children on lead Tibidabo, to ride the amusement rides old park.

At the beginning of the XX century Barcelona bourgeoisie began to surpass each other in the construction of private homes and estates, so the Tibidabo slopes dotted with outstanding masterpiece of modernist architecture and the more classical. Many of the apartment buildings in the past are now houses offices or private schools.

To the center by public transport to go from here about an hour.

forest Tibidabo

forest Tibidabo

Tiʙidaʙo - one of the highest points of Barcelona, and despite the fact, it is not easy to get here, worth it, here ...

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