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Tomorrow in Barcelona regular holiday and the most politically colored holiday. Every year, on September 11 of Catalonia celebrates its national holiday - La Diada. For the first time it was held in celebration 1980 in upper Raval. Date of national fiesta was chosen not by chance: it was on this day 11 September 1714 It ended the last battle of the War of the Spanish Succession - ended with the siege of Barcelona and the Catalan autonomy was lost. Since then, the main mission of the Catalans - to regain independence.

The current Dyad is marked by the preparation for the national referendum on the independence of Catalonia, which will be held on 27 September. Surprisingly, Many Catalans believe, that this referendum will bring the long-awaited independence of their land.

Each year, the Catalans satisfied with the kind of massive flashmob, to prove to the public their solidarity and willingness to become an independent state. This time will be occupied by the street Avenida Meridiana, where freedom fighters stand living chain, holding hands for five kilometers. Each banner will be in the hands of a particular color, which, when viewed from above will consist of thousands of mosaic in the Catalan flag picture.

In our 19-00 Free concerts will be held near the Arc de Triomphe.

many residents, which is not so important to take part in demonstrations, take advantage of the long weekend, to go to the countryside and spend three full days in the nature. Note, that most of the shops and public institutions September 11 do not work.


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