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All fans of wakeboard or those who wish to learn this kind of extreme sport are invited to Barcelona Cable Wakepark, located in a park near the Forum Metro station.

The cable wakeboarding movement of the athlete in the water takes place via mechanical cable-towing installation, replacing the boat. In Europe, the cable wakeboarding developed much more than katerny, due to its accessibility and sustainability.

It is actively developing waterskiing sport, which involves all muscles of the body and which allows you to get a lot of emotions and extreme sensations, but it is one of the safest sports and is suitable for people of all ages.

Cable wakeboarding has a number of advantages compared with katernym. Firstly, it is much easier and faster to learn the beginner as a constant speed, while in katernom Wijk from the very first moment has to be accelerated.

In addition, the electrically-wakeboarding can simultaneously ride on 5 to 10 man, while for the boat can travel a maximum of two.

Another very important advantage - it is affordability of cable wakeboarding for those who: do not need to hire a special boat. As a result, in the wake wakeboarding parks is much cheaper compared to katernym,

Finally, wakeboard winch - very eco-friendly sport. The cable system runs on electricity, and does not pollute the environment.

As mentioned above, the cable wakeboard - easy to develop water sport. Beginner can quickly learn and feel confident in just 1-2 o'clock.

There are no restrictions on the age of the participants. All the wishing in any age, even from 7 to 80 years, can easily engage in this sport.

When cable wakeboarding lesson the risk of getting injured is much lower compared to katernym, while you can perform with all the tricks that katernom and wakeboarding, and even more. Cable wakeboarding even recognized by the international sport. Championships on cable wake of the world are carried out 2001 of the year.

In veykparke placed special obstacles for wakeboarding: trampolines, different shapes, floating and fixed on the wakeboarders who may call on the request while running in a circle to perform tricks.

The fee for skating in the park includes equipment rental for beginners: wakeboard, and protective helmet and vest.

In the wake of Barcelona Park offers 130 meter cable for beginners and a second 160 meter for experts. To perform tricks found: 3 Kickers, Up-rail, Skate-box и Ollie-box.

Veykpark in Barcelona is open all year round to go you need to register on the site of the park and pay for online check-in with the exact choice of date and time. The site has a version in English. The park is open daily from 10 a.m. to 20-00.

Rates: Half an hour of skating are Wijk 30 €, 1 time - 60 €. Any subscription for 5 hours for 150 € and 10 hours for 250 €.

Bcp Cable Beginner
Address: Park Forum s / n
Metro station: Maresme Forum
Phone: +34 627 073 251
Working hours:

Every day from 10 a.m. to 20-00

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