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Despite the cloudy weather, the Barcelona youth today is in high spirits. Not only that, in the whole of Catalonia regular holiday tomorrow, so also to the general joy of party-goers tonight in the club acts Under Russian techno diva Nina Kravitz, which means that it will be hot on the dance floor.

Kravitz was born and raised in Irkutsk. Her father - a passionate collector of music, and Nina grew up listening to jazz-rock and psychedelic rock. In the late 90s she heard the classic Acid «Downfall» from «Armando» Radio. This inspired her to start her own radio show on a local station, focused on techno, house and IDM.

Since then many years have passed and now Nina turned to the experienced DJ and musician of world renown, becoming a headliner of the coolest festivals with millions of fans around the world.

There are hypnotic and sensual quality of all the music that makes this Siberian. Using the voice as an instrument and preference "to record the first try, because that way I can capture the moment, energy, feelings'. Listen to the emotional depth of her songs and you realize that distinguishes her work from the crowd - it's intimacy and honesty, not limited to the genre, producing or DJing. Nina Kravitz for good music - there is a good music that you want to dance, spreading evenly.

The party starts at 00-00 to 6 in the morning. Free admission to the morning, if we write on the wall activities feybuke. otherwise entrance 15 € with a drink.

Club Address: Tarragona street 141, рядом с метро или Tarragona Spain


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