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Next Sunday insinuating all lovers of electronic music are invited to a live solo concert of the famous Icelandic band Gus Gus. Connoisseurs of the enchanting music in the style of electro house will be able to enjoy the incredible energy, sensuality and craftsmanship of the Icelandic team. Pure euphoria soft vocals, singing about love, sex and fame, and precise rhythms.

In Reykjavik, when you come to swim in the pool, in the adjoining bathroom stall laps the prime minister, and in the shop next to your house comes to the country's president - It tells the story of a mysterious Iceland songwriter and guitarist Sigurd Kyartansson. - If you create a group, not to conquer the world. People just get together to laugh at what is going on in the big world. We are cut off from everyone and we just have to laugh.

Funny word Gus Gus young people borrowed from the film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder's "Fear Eats the Soul" (1972). The film's heroine says to her lover couscous, but her pronunciation is somehow sounds like a goose goose. Popularity Icelandic electronics soared up after Arabian Horse album 2011 in upper Raval.

In Barcelona, ​​the band will give a live concert the night of the 18th of September in Pacha club, which is located on the coastline near Port Olimpic. The entrance ticket costs 10 €, you can buy it here. Home in 00-00, Gus Gus start playing closer to an hour and up to three o'clock in the morning.

Club Address: Barceloneta Promenade, 38, метро Ciutadella Vila Olimpica

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