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The annual festival of La Merce is one of the brightest events in Barcelona, city ​​main holiday. Patroness of Barcelona is Our Lady of Mercy - Virgen de la Mercè, which is dedicated and full of interesting, bright and informative events Festival.

according to legend, at the end 17 Ages Merce Barcelona saved by locusts, and the grateful inhabitants of the city decided to choose it as their protector and patron saint of. Prior to that, the patroness of Barcelona for centuries been considered the Holy Great Martyr Eulalia, therefore, the September rains barselontsy believe tears Eulalia, which cries of resentment on incorrect citizens.

Will hope, that this year will be merciful Eulalia and rain will not interfere with the residents and guests of the Catalan capital to enjoy the festive atmosphere. What is the festival of La Merce? It is four days of non-stop fun with a rich program of activities for children and adults. Every year the city is chosen sister, This time it will be a Lisbon.

Opening the festival will be held on the 21st of September 18-45 and marked by a festive parade of figures giant Gothic Quarter. parade the streets: La Rambla, street Ferran, Plaza de Sant Miquel.

In our 22-00 will be a parade of fire-breathing beasts along the route: Plaza Sant Jaume, street Ferran, La Rambla, Plaza del Pi, Plaza Nova.

On the facade of City Hall in the Plaza Sant Jaume Square every evening from 21-00 will be projected video-mapping.

22 September to prepare for extreme show Festival - Correfoc. If you decide to participate, do not forget to shawls, old jacket with hood and long sleeves, goggles or mask. Korrefok translated as "running fire" and it is one of the brightest, spectacular and amazing customs of Catalonia. It's a real festival of fire, involving demons and fabulous beasts. All of these monsters, participating in the march, dance, fun and drops under gallop flame. The roar is such, that one can hardly hear each other. firecrackers, Catherine Wheel, dragons, belching flame. The real hell!

24 September 11 the morning will be a parade giant figures. This is a huge doll of papier-mâché, that the local bear the. figures, depicting kings and other iconic characters, dancing to the music in a crowd. The path of the route: La Rambla, Plaza St Jaume, street Ferran.

On the same day 12-30 on the square in front of City Hall Plaza Sant Jaume will build towers of Castells people. This is another distinctive entertainment Catalans, recognized by the UNESCO intangible heritage. Nowhere else in the world you will not see such a. Towers can be up 10 meters, climbs to the very top baby, at this time the crowd transfixed spectators thrilled and empathy. come early, to take place closer to the towers.

On Friday and Saturday 22-00 on the beach near the Espigó del Gas breakwater to host international fireworks festival.

The castle on the hill of Montjuïc all days of the festival will be held circus performances for the little ones and another area with a variety of shows and installations will Ciutadella Park. Throughout the city will be concerts and DJs.

Detailed program in English of all the activities you can see HERE.

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