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Catalans celebrate their favorite holiday tomorrow - St. George's Day. George the Victorious - the Christian martyr, one of the most popular saints in the Christian world. There are many variations of his life, Catalans believe, knight George lived in the village of Mont-Blanc, where the evil dragon began to terrorize the inhabitants. When the dragon is so unbelted, that decided to eat the princess, brave George came to the rescue and saved the beauty.

by the way, Montblanc will host a week-long festival of medieval culture this year. In the program of the fair, performance and complete immersion in ancient times. Detailed program in Spanish HERE.

According to the legend, when George pierces the dragon’s heart with his spear, it turns into a red rose. Therefore every year 23 april Barcelona drowns in these colors. By tradition, on St. George's Day, men give their beloved a red rose, and she answered them a book, because this date is also an international day of the book.

Despite, that this day is not an official weekend, Barcelona will have a festive atmosphere. We recommend taking a walk along the main pedestrian streets of the city, on the Rambla of Catalonia there will be a huge number of flowers and tents with books, concerts and various shows will be held in the main squares.

And if your name is George, then tomorrow you will have the opportunity in the company of one escort, log in for free Sagrada Familia. In addition to this option, tomorrow in Barcelona there will be an open day in many places of interest:

Guell Palace
Gospital San Pau
- City Hall Barcelona (Plaza Sant Jaume)
- Ateneu Barcelones (Calle de la Canuda), 6)
- National Library of Catalonia (Carrer de l’Hospital, 56)


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