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Weekend in Barcelona not the weekend, if the poster on Friday night, Saturday, and maybe even Sunday there is some festival or just a one-day opening event in the spirit of art superkontemporari. Especially lucky fans a good electronics - they are delighted at all the events of this format. So this weekend opens its space MIRA festival with a bunch of incredible audio-visual performances, mixed with progressive electronic music. Eyes wide and SEE (mira - Spanish. "See"). AND, of course, hear.

MIRA Festival takes place in Barcelona for the third time and traditionally opens with Education Week. In a programme, usually, various workshops, lectures and presentations on the latest technologies in the field of advanced music and audio-visual arts. And at the weekend - directly the Festival with unforgettable shows and excellent hangouts. Venues at the festival, this time two: Razzmatazz club room and Fabra i Coats former factory.

This year's presentation will be special. MIRA organizers for the first time in Europe will show an incredible audio-visual performance "Omnis" Canadian actor Maotik. The center of his presentation - a 25-meter screen on 360 º, which by means of various technical devices and optical illusions Maotik Experiment with space and time. Feeling truly cosmic. The show will take place at the Fabra i Coats.

Friday 14 November: start 18:00

Saturday 15 November: start 17:30

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The festival program

Фабрика Fabra i Coats: C / Sant Adrià, 20

Клуб Razzmatazz: C/ Pamplona, 88

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