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Patron Saint of Barcelona is Our Lady of Mercy Mercy, which is dedicated to the full of interesting, colorful and informative events of the festival of La Merce.

According to legend, in the end 17 Ages Merce Barcelona saved from the invasion of locusts, and the grateful inhabitants of the city decided to choose it as their protector and patron. Prior to that, the patroness of Barcelona considered the Holy Great Martyr Eulalia, so the September rains barselontsy believe tears Eulalia, which cries of resentment on incorrect citizens.

La Merce Festival lasts more than a week, culminating with 21 by 24 September. These days you can see all the traditional attributes of the Catalan festivals:

- Calling the sea of ​​adrenaline "Fire Flight" korrefok, which involves costumed devils in suits, as well as the fire-breathing dragons and other monsters are stuffed with firecrackers, belching flames and sparks right into the audience. When visiting this action is recommended to wear clothing with a hood and long sleeves, which then will not be a pity to throw away.

- Giants Parade, during which Barcelona's streets are flooding processions giant-sized figures. Giants symbolize the kings and queens, nobles, saints and other historical and mythical characters that rise above the crowd.

- Towers of the people "Castells". tall towers in 5 or 6 floors, built before your eyes from people with a small child at the very top - the spectacle, which is simply breathtaking. Castells declared World Heritage by Unesco and considered Catalonia's national sport, since it requires tremendous effort and coordination.

- Traditional dance dance "Sardana", which represents the pride and cohesion of the Catalan people.

In addition, the city streets will be organized numerous concerts, shows and theater performances. The program includes all kinds of entertainment - for example, circus performances, laser light show on the facade of City Hall and fireworks.

The main events take place in the Gothic Quarter, Ciutadella Park and Montjuïc castle and completed by pyrotechnic show - the Plaza of Spain.

This year, La Merce Festival will take place from 18 by 24 September.

The program of the festival:

Every year in the Festival participate as a special guest invited country this year it will be Argentina. Therefore, during the festival in Park Cittadella is a lot of shows with performances by Argentinean artists, clowns, dancers, tango, etc..

19-th and 20 th of September from morning till night in the fortress on Mount Montuzhuik will perform various circus groups from Argentina.

Video mapping on the facade of the City Hall of Barcelona. Plaza Jaume I.Kazhdy evening with 21-15 to 22-45.

Friday September 18th

- AT 19-00 Sardana dance in the Plaza Nova square in front of Cathedral. At the same time begins the procession of mythical figures from the Plaza Jaume I and Ferran across the street Las Ramblas.

- AT 22-00 Barceloneta on the beach will be fireworks from the pyrotechnics from the Balearic Islands.

Saturday September 19th

- National Catalan dances 11 AM and 18-00 на площади Plaza Jaume I. In our 18-00 Giants begin a march from the square through the streets Jaume I and Ferran Las Ramblas. In our 19-30 will be dancing on the Plaza Nova sardanu to Cathedral. In our 21-00 will fire procession beasts and dragons around the Gothic Quarter - Plaza Sant Jaume, Ferran, Ramblas, Plaza del Pi, Plaza Nova.

- AT 22-00 on the beach of Barceloneta will be fireworks pyrotechnics from Argentina.

Sunday September 20th

- Competition towers of the people in the Castells 12-00 на площади Plaza Sant Jaume. In our 13-00 танец сардана на проспекте Avenida de la Catedral и в 18-00 на Plaza Sant Jaume. In our 18-30 korrefok fire running for the smallest on the street Via Laietana, and 20-00 here will korrefok for adults and will last a few hours.

Thursday September 24th

- AT 11 am from the square Plaza Sant Jaume I will begin the procession of giants at Ferran street, Las Ramblas. In our 12-30 on Plaza Jaume I will build a tower of people Castells. In our 18-00 will march dance folk groups from around the world, the streets Pelai, Las Ramblas and Ferran.

- AT 22-00 final super fireworks with music on the street Avenida Maria Cristina (near Plaza Espanya Square).

Besides all of the above during the festival will be held many concerts and performances DJs under the BAM music festival. All of them are absolutely free. The concert program can be viewed HERE.

In addition, this year there is a possibility to set "Merce 2015" mobile phone application that allows you to easily keep track of all the events of the festival.

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