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Everyone who despite his age is still a child inside, who loves watching and nonsense, all of these except for one who was delighted with the recently held at the same place a pillow fight.. Everyone who loves to inflate, launch, burst, take video or pictures of soap bubbles, are invited this Saturday at the World Festival of soap bubbles.

BUBBLUTION holiday will be held simultaneously in several cities around the world. In New York, London, Helsinki, Toronto and Amsterdam, too, will gather people of all colors for one purpose only - to inflate bubbles in all shapes and sizes, thus giving each other pleasure, smile and laughter.

The usual solution vial of soap bubbles and plastic ringlet inflation can be bought from any Chinese store, more sophisticated machines, like pistols or rifles, firing volleys whole soap bubbles, are sold in department destkom Corte Ingles.

Wear bright summer clothes, fill the pockets and bags and soap supplies forward to the attack!

Location: Plaza Catalonia, начало в 18-00. Free admission.


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