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Already in 19 time in Barcelona carried out the event. Fira de la Terra - is the fair, which brings together all those who care about the future of our planet. Here we are talking about alternative energy sources, non-traditional methods of cooking, only the possibility to cultivate organic products and protect the environment as much as possible. The main objective of the fair - to learn to live in harmony with nature, without disturbing its balance.

In addition, in the event you can buy a lot of natural local products, try different kinds of homemade jam, cheese, beer, which is brewed in small, almost domestic factories. You'll also find organic cosmetics can do yoga or reiki, to study the philosophy of Zen, to see the performance on the basis of Castaneda's books, listen to music and dance.

The venue of the fair is the Citadel Park and boulevard Passeig Lluís Companys, which stretches from the park to the Arc de Triomphe. Nearest metro station Arc de Triomph. the entrance is free. Timetable 11 a.m. to 21-00.

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